What it’s like being a creative at an agency

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Many years ago when I worked as a copywriter for a large ad agency in Cape Town, I was asked to answer questions for our monthly newsletter sent by some interns and people who had just started working in advertising.

I hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction, if they are not I am not bothered because I am satisfied. No, that wasn’t arrogant at all, that was me being a humble creative.

  • Well, being a creative is easier than it looks. It’s also more difficult than it looks.
  • To answer your question, I don’t know what we do and I don’t know how we do it. All I know is that somehow, it gets done. And we end up with ads.
  • I like my job except for the days I don’t.
  • No, there is no particular place I think best. Although it’s always nice to think outside the office. I am always on the job, it doesn’t matter what I am doing. Oh, what do you know, I just had another award winning idea!
  •  How do I take it when my ideas get rejected?  Well, I am well versed in the art of accepting rejection. I often get told, “Let’s just be friends,” at least three times a week. This is excellent training.
  • Yes, I have won many awards but these awards have not been able to get rid of my feelings of inadequacy and getting laid is still proving rather difficult to impossible. Mostly impossible. Actually, always impossible.
  • Absolutely, there is room for promotion, you can become a CD, no not that one, but a Creative Director, Executive Creative Director and the pinnacle is World Wide Chief Creative Officer. Or you can just start your own ad agency with your name on the building.
  • Would I like my name on an agency? What kind of question is that? What kind of egomaniac do you think I am? Of course, silly.
  • The great thing about being a creative is that when you daydream, nobody asks you what you are doing. This is what we get paid to do.
  •  Deadlines? What’s that? Oh? You mean this was due two days ago?

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