Never ever accept reality as an end

February 3, 2014 § 7 Comments

I was going through my stuff the other day and I found a journal I had when I was in my early 20s. I remember it, but I didn’t know what I had in it. When I went through it, it was emotional for me because it brought back some really tough moments in my life to mind.

I wrote the following paragraphs during a very difficult and challenging period in my life, I had just come out of being homeless. Literally homeless, not squatting at  friend’s houses or anything like that. Having absolutely nowhere to go. (I will elaborate on this in my new book which will be released in September 2014). I was 21/22 when I wrote the journal.

I wrote the following:

I believe this to be true for anyone who wants to achieve anything in life: never accept reality as an end. If we only ever face reality as an end; if we only ever face and accept our current difficulties, our reality we are doomed. It is imperative that I live in a world inside my head, a world that is not realistic. By that I mean believing in a truth that isn’t yet. But a truth nonetheless which I will create in the future.

One must face reality and the facts, but even more important is pointing out the reality that will be to yourself. When someone says, “Face reality,” they are telling you to forget your dream and what you know you want to do with every single fiber of your being, they are telling you to forget that you know you can do it even though it is damn hard at the time. I choose to answer in the following manner, “Yes, I will, but I choose to face, to create the future reality I want, not the one you want me to.” And refuse to subject myself to the narrow present reality.

§ 7 Responses to Never ever accept reality as an end

  • sthandwan says:

    I can totally relate to this…the power the mind has is truly amazing, it can take you anywhere you need to be even if it’s for a split second…So powerful to share something that has the immediate power to release another person

  • gabi says:

    Thank you.

  • You speaking to me here. Like a friend of mine once said – when reality comes in faith goes out through the window.

  • lebo says:

    So so true!! When someone tells me to face reality I instantly forget and become hopeless of what seems unreal to the other person. this is truly relatable..thank u khaya! This is exactly what I need @ this point-in-time-of my life.

  • lebo says:

    This is totally relatable.its exactly how I feel when somebody says to me I need to face reality. if only we all knew how many dreams we are killing by uttering that word to other fellows. Thank u khaya.

  • Zethu says:

    Wow where to start!?
    For the past year I’ve been through a lot concerning my second year at varsity so hearing what you went through and how you got out of it is a blessing. It confirmed to me that the Lord does not forsake us even when we are at our lowest. You continued dreaming which can be hard to do when we go through obstacles. I remember telling myself that I want to give up and let my circumstance drown me. But God and reading your story inspired me to keep dreaming and having faith in myself and the gifts God blessed me with. So…Thank you Dlanga, keep doing what u do and watch out coz I am definitely going to take the advertising world by storm!!!

  • Benni says:

    This is truely the GOSPEL,facing reality quickly dims one’s light & without that one looses their way.

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