What was your happiest moment this year? Why? Great responses

December 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

These were so heart-felt and inspiring and a few funny ones. I obviously couldn’t include all the responses. There were lots of similar ones. These were some of my favourites. These guys won my Internet on Christmas day. People are always grateful for small things because they mean the most.


I am not being biased at all by putting this up.





There was an exchange here, so it will seem longer than it is.


Below: It’s amazing how people remember things that we may pay no mind to. The reality is I don’t even remember replying to her. I get requests asking me to look at things they are working on or advice from people all the time. The fact that I don’t remember might also have to do with my bad memory, but I am glad that I helped in some small way, even though I think she gave me more credit than I deserve because she did the work.

And this likes to town. *chuckles*




Thank you everyone for sharing.

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