What did your mom or dad do when you were a child that you miss now?

November 19, 2013 § 3 Comments

That was the question I posed on Twitter last night. The answers were heartfelt, some just heart-breaking beautiful moments. When given an opportunity, Twitter can be a beautiful genuine place, instead of the often cynical one because cynicism is “cool”. I think there is nothing cooler than being sincere and real and raw.

The best memories people shared were the simplest. If these don’t inspire you to be a great father I don’t know what will.

The thing I loved the most is how many people mentioned their dads. You don’t always get that, most people always talk about their mothers. It was great seeing fathers getting some sun. We need more fahters who create great memories for their children.

Below are the responses:




I thought this exchange was beautiful


§ 3 Responses to What did your mom or dad do when you were a child that you miss now?

  • nokuthula says:

    Wow I smiled all the way, I remember when leratokganyago asked a similar question and it was amazing to see that we had similar childhoods and we have great parents and families noma kungaba konke great the fact ukuthi syakwazi ukubukela emumva and sikhumbule lezinto makes it all somewhat ok. Sometimes it really is izinto encane that make us smile, love..

  • Nompi says:

    Reading all of this made me realize that I have A LOT of awesome childhood memories with my dad,explains why I’m so close to him now. Everything about my mom was and still is beautiful in my eyes :’) A good morning read this♥ Reminder of what’s important – Love.

  • lwazindima says:

    Reblogged this on l w a z i N d i m a and commented:

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