Unapologetic Real Woman responds to Unapologetic Side Chick

October 31, 2013 § 7 Comments

Last week I got an email and I put it on my blog. It seems that the main girl (if you wish) saw the post and decided to respond. She responded in the comments section

Wow when I had this shown to me today, I thought I must be dreaming , really?. Could someone stoop so low, but then when I put it in context, I realised that being suprised would be a waste of my time.

I should not have expected more. You see , I am the woman who this unapologetic side chick is speaking about. And yes I dated and was engaged to LD.

Since we are dropping names though , I believe that this chick should stop being a coward and step out from behind her fake veil. Better yet , I will call you out. (***** ***), this is low even for you. (Note from blog owner, I made the decision to delete the name that was mentioned here because the original email sent to me was meant to anonymous and I keep it thus unless the writer of the email asks me to use her name).

Every story had a version, in this case there are three. Her version, my version and his. And since you decided to use this platform missy , I will meet you half way.

So here it is, You claim to have been my friend, all those days we spoke and there you were wearing a smile on your face , whilst all the time you knew you were turning you dirty dagger deep in my back.

I gave you many opportunities to be “honest” with me, and yet you chose to lie to my face everytime. You claim that you were hoping that for” once” a man would be honest with you, well sisi, how can you expect that when you yourself don’t know what telling the truth is?

You see sisi before you start calling the kettle black have a look at yourself first. When all it takes is for a walk down the street, for you to open up your legs to some guy, it speaks volumes about you, and I shudder to think how many walks down the street you have had.

You say that you used to look at me and think , “rather you than me” but what you fail to realise is that for one, our relationship ending has nothing to do with you, so don’t flatter yourself. I realise I have with me what you don’t and maybe never have, and that is SELF RESPECT.

I see how you write about LD and pretend that he sold you some dream. You are right about something, yes he is driven, yes he is apirational and yes he has a lot going for himself, I have watched this man, pick himself up and achieving things beyond your imagination. But then in truth there isn’t much you can learn about a person, when all you know is stolen moments, on the floor of toilets at dingy nightclubs or, on your knees in the backseat of a car. You talk about having benefits of a relationship, Do you even know what that is? O my you are so dilusional . I guess that explains why you spent those months , at a psychiatric hospital. O people didn’t know that about you, and now they do! It also explains your use of elaborate colour when it comes to the truth.

Miss unapolegetic side chick, let me introduce myself , I am the unapologetic REAL WOMAN, and today I will tell you, that its because of tramps like you that we, as woman continue to have a bad name in society, why we continue to be viewed as being unable, weak, and are never recognised for the amazing souls and incredible strong achievers that we truly are.

You give woman a bad name. How you are able to live with yourself is beyond me. While you spend your life trying to seek and cling to attention, the rest of us real woman continue to live our lives. Go get help or better yet, take your pills, cause I for one, don’t believe a word you say. Stop tryna destroy people ‘s lives and reputations, because you didn’t get what we both know you wanted, and get a life of your own. I would rather be me , than you. So Sisi thanks , but no thanks!!

After seeing this response, Unapologetic Side Chick asked me to remove her post. I did.

§ 7 Responses to Unapologetic Real Woman responds to Unapologetic Side Chick

  • JulyWrites says:

    The plot thickens!

    All that remains is for Mr LD to tell us his own version of events.

  • Ntokozo Khumalo says:

    But isn’t this petty. This woman is not a real woman because then you would not be stooping to levels way beneath you, if real woman is the title you want to hear. Lashing out at the extras is so not like the main character of life. Even if she is lying at this point she may no self respect but you sit with no dignity right now for listing her issues that no-one cares about. Sisi you must up your game is all you are going to do at the end is argue with side chicks.

  • Innocentbystander says:

    This is funny! a couple of take-aways: 1. the righteous indignation on this post makes Unapologetic Side look like a rosey-cheeked angel, LOL! 2. No woman is imaginary – we are all real (SURPRISE!!!). 3. you are not better than her because you waited to let him hit. personally, my most meaningful and longest-lasting relationship has been with someone I slept with the very day we met. sometimes the connection is that strong – don’t let your hurt lead you to complicate things. 4. stop thirsting for male approval by calling the other child a tramp. its women who think there are categories of women that make women look bad. you are no different or more special than her – your own fiance showed you this!!! 5. making fun of someone’s mental illness reflects badly on you, not them. 6. sometimes people connect on a soul level that won’t respect man-made relationship rules. the main/side chick binary is tired and limited. again personally, I’ve been a main, side and main again to the same person over time (around and in-between other lovers). things change, life keeps moving. he’s my soulmate. we know we belong to each other – we hook up whenever we want, regardless of who we’re “with” by man-made standards. 7. You have absolutely no grounds to address her because he, HEEEEE invited her into his life (despite his commitment to you). Before you call me a hater, I speak as someone who is currently in your situation. my man and I are going through a patch. at no point have I felt the need to address the “side” …firstly, he’s the one that chose her. secondly, im not about taking responsibility for a grown man’s actions – what he has with her is between them and has absolutely nothing to do with me. so why should it disturb my peace, even for one second??? let go of the guilt that what he did was because of something you failed to do – or that there’s something she did better than you. 7. don’t deprive yourself of backseat-of-the-car sex – you have to do it at least once. 🙂

  • Jasmyn says:

    And the real culprit Mr LD is left unscorned and prepping for next side chick lol

  • Noxolo says:

    Sooo the main chick thinks that Side Chick is the only one to blame for this and that Mr LD is innocent????why do women do this to themselves though…wasn’t it Mr LD who made the first move??

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