I don’t blame your fiancé for cheating on you so many times…

September 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

I don’t know why people are sending me emails they sent to their exes after they broke up, but this the third one I got in a month. The writer has asked to be anonymous and asked me to publish it on my blog. I fear I am becoming Bhuti Dolly.

I wish that Sunday I came to meet you didn’t happen because obviously you were a mistake. I am so hurt and so disappointed in you. I trusted and respected you so much and you turned out to be a liar. I now realize that our relationship was based on lies.

I thought you loved me but you chose her over me and your excuse was that it is because I am venda and venda’s don’t marry other cultures. Daaaah I had already told you that my grandmother was not venda. Why did you even take me to your family when you knew that you are not planning to marry me? What a lame excuse. I don’t understand why you wasted my time. Was it because I’m wife material not coz u loved me because if you loved you wouldn’t have done what you did.

So if I didn’t call your so called fiancé you would have continued to feed me lies. You told me that if I cheated you would kill me but you knew very well that you were doing that. I don’t blame your fiancé for cheating on you so many times because you are controlling. You made me block some of my close friends whom I have to call and cry to now that you have broken my heart. You are so insecure and now I understand why.

You don’t even have the audacity to apologize but you continue to lie over and over again. Please stop trying to call me and sending me messages asking me if I’m already with another man. I am not like your fiancé whom when you guys have a little fight she goes and sleeps with another man. I have dignity and I respect myself. She cheated on you so many times and you still took her back. I feel so sorry for you because she told me she can not trust herself around some men. She is at UJ and UJ girls are fast. So she is still going to cheat on you and I can’t wait for that day to arrive. Don’t you dare come running back like my other ex’s because I’m not a pig I don’t vomit and eat my own vomit.

You ran me parallel with her because I was your back up when she messes up. Since you are now engaged to her why don’t you take her to your family? You have been with her for five years and still your family doesnt know her. You lied to her and told her I’m your ex and I’m trying to run your relationship and you told me she is just your friend. I told you to block her but you continued to stalk her after she cheated on you while you were with me. She obviously has your heart and you are just playing me a fool because I’m not good enough for you. I am glad I found out because I am sure I deserve better. God will provide me with a man of integrity. You will regret.

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