The very first CV I ever wrote

September 17, 2013 § 13 Comments

I dropped out of AAA School of Advertising due to financial and other difficulties I had at the time. I had been working as a waiter and decided that I needed to at least try get a job in advertising, my real love, not serving people food. I figured since I had dropped out, I needed to stand out somehow. Secondly, I was applying for a job in one of the most awarded advertising agencies in Cape Town at the time – and I was also black. Not that I am not now, I still am. I really had to stand out creatively. I knew it was a risk. What if it didn’t work?

I detailed all the necessary upfront, education, birthday, ID numbers and so on and so forth and stuff like that. (If you are an accountant or in a rigid industry, I recommend you don’t try this at home). Then I ended the CV off this way:

Khaya Dlanga’s CV

  • I live in Pinelands, not Gugulethu
  • I can use phones, faxes and computers without breaking them
  • Some of my best friends are white
  • I can swim (when it’s absolutely necessary)
  • I am not a member of Cosatu

Position applying for:


Experience in this field:

I used to write slogans on townships walls like, “Free Mandela” and “One man one vote.” This was a very successful campaign, as you might have noticed.

When I got the phone call from the creative director of the agency at the time, she was still laughing, I could hardly make out what she was saying until she calmed down. She wanted to interview me the next day. I showed her my work. She liked it. She called me and told me that, the founder of the advertising agency said that there was no money to hire new people. Then she said this, “I know that if he meets you, he will like you and if he sees your work he will definitely change his mind. I will convince him to meet you.” She convinced him. I met him and got the job. The founder of the agency is Matthew Bull and the creative director who convinced him to meet me is Fiona Walker. I am eternally grateful to them for giving me a foot in the door. Thanks.

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