The world does not need another scumbag

September 6, 2013 § 10 Comments

This is intense. This was sent to me and the writer of the email has asked to remain anonymous. This lady wrote this email to a guy she discovered was dating someone else the whole time they were together. She’d been dating him for two years, oblivious to the fact that she was in a polygamous relationship, if you may.  

It’s funny how you always went on about your disgust of your father’s cheating ways and how he was partly the reason your mom fell ill.

In the past couple of days you have shown me through and through that you are YOUR FATHER’S SON.

I often prayed for you and wondered why you were going through such twists of fate, when all this time karma was working on you full time. Every bad thing that has happened to you has just been karma reminding you gently that NOBODY IS ABOVE KARMA.

I DON’T KNOW U! The irony of it all, two years and all u were was a stranger.

I pray your that son grows up to be nothing like youu because Lord knows the world DOES NOT NEED another SCUMBAG!

I pray that you never have a daughter because one day she will grow up and meet evil men like you in the world, though I doubt anyone can ever be more evil than you!

And if you and that other girl ever get back together, I hope for your sake that she does not move to Jhb for you, only to meet the man of her dreams here and leave you and your love stranded. Nobody has lived until they’ve seen Jhb and the guys to girls ratio at Rhodes is low, she is still to meet real men!

You did not even have the audacity to break up with me face to face. I haven’t seen you since Sunday but your cowardly ways have not let you see me. Two years and the best thing you could do was break up with me via SMS! Really? How old are we?

I don’t know who you are but in the past few days you’ve shown me five things about you! Deep traits entrenched in you:


1. You are a pathological liar

2. You are an evil a psychopath

3. You are a coward

4. You are selfish 

5. You are a thief, you stole two years of my life where I could have met the man of my dreams

I’m so glad I went through this because I don’t think I will ever encounter anybody so cruel in life! Ever!

You have taken no ownership in the damage you’ve done! All you’ve done is try justify why you were using me! All you’ve done is write lousy poetry to paint yourself as the good guy! Love is not a decision my ass! Anyway, what do you know about decision making in life???

If I were you, I’d get down on my knees and repent, if you think karma is done with you, you have no idea bra! All this is gonna come back  to you 10 times over!

Nobody who’s played with a heart has gotten away with it and believe me you will be no exception!

§ 10 Responses to The world does not need another scumbag

  • Musa says:

    Nothing deep here, just a hurt and bitter person. Nobody stole 2 years of her life, relationships are not an investment. You are in it for the moment, the future is never gauranteed to anyone.

    As for god and karma etc, where were they when she was being cheated on? She is just appealing to her imaginary friends in her head for lack of a better thing to do with her hurt heart and mind.

    This world is real and its random, do what is best for you, try not to harm anyone and hope for the best. Karma? Tell that to the 27 people that died in a that collision in Pinetown last night.

    Lady, get up dust yourself up and get on with it. For all you know this guy could meet a better person then you anyway, the same applies to you. There are no answers up yonder or a grand formula on how this is supposed to work.Such is life, it might sound fatalistic but what will be will be, no matter what you pray for or how hard you pray.

    Now live, forget about the sages on twitter, they are also tryinng to work this out like anyone else. Too bad your heart is broken, time heals, you’ll be ok, its not like you’ve lost an arm or something. Thinking you’ll get him someday or ‘life’ will get him is childish, sometimes the worse people have the best lives, that is just how it is.

    Cheer up and get on with it, it’s your life and the universe owes us nothing…

  • Vusi says:

    That’s Deep… Kunzima emhlabeni!

  • Lehumo Kekana says:

    This is exactly what happened to me about 3months ago..though he told me he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship but how can a person say that after a year of dating…

  • Mmabathosisj says:

    She needs to stop giving him power he does not have. She is not a victim here. She is who betrayed herself when she ignored red-flags that have to have been there all along. That is where a lot of the pain comes from….from betraying herself. But, it feels better to blame it all on him. Unfortunately, the more she sees herself as victim to him, the longer she will be emotionally attached to him and the longer this poison will eat at her. Women need to empower themselves and abandon the needless victimhood.

  • Fellas y’all need to know you hurting us with your selfishness. I’ve been here too and still waiting for karma to hit back, I’ve played it over and over in my heard how I’ll like to see karma hit him in his face… not that nginenhliziyo embi, but inhliziyo that is hurt #just thought i’ll make that clear#

    • MmabathoSisJ says:

      You are being unfair to yourself, and giving him too much power over you that he does not have. You made the choice to ignore the red-flags warning you against wasting your time with him. From that perspective you are not victim to him.

  • Dudu says:

    Its irony but yet uncanny how I went through the same ish early this year. Some men actually have low selfesteem,demon’s and at the same time think they are invinsible because they manage to live a lie until they get caught and use the lamest excuse to make themselves feel good,after turning a good woman into a scornful bitch. In this day and age (HIV and psycho’s on the loose) they have no self love or respect for another soul. Fortunately or unfortunately, karma plays in that field when (the wounded) one is no more a spectator.

  • Siyanda says:

    This letter is really deep. I’ve never been in this situation but i sympathise.

  • Thuli says:

    That is just horrific but unfortunately its life. Not justifying his behaviour but I think its time women realized that all men are dogs. Even the sweet ones will become dogs eventually that’s y its so important not to give yourself wholeheartedly to someone no matter how genuine they seem, nothing is as painful as realising u have been living a lie . Just don’t trust anyone… Ngingancame ngithembe itshe. Just move on and take it as a lesson learnt. Moving on will be hard but it Wil, happen. Just protect you and yours don’t allow another man to come feed u his lies cos can they lie!

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