Great ad talking to parents about chilhood obesity

August 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

I love this ad. It’s simple. No tricks. Straight to the point.

It points fingers at the parents and blames them for their children being fat. I like that it is not a knee jerk reaction by governments which tend to try to legislate themselves out of a problem instead of affecting and changing people’s mindsets. I think that the British Department of Health is on the right track with this ad. It reminds parents to be better parents. Cook for your kids, let them be active so that they might live. Although I think that the scare tactic at the end with the coffin might be OTT, I think the message is on the right track. Maybe the next ad will be more hopeful and inspirational as opposed to a scare tactic. But well done, government departments make horrible ads, this is not one of them. Hope our government advertising takes a page out this. There is no government minister in the ad. What is important is the message, not who is saying it.


§ One Response to Great ad talking to parents about chilhood obesity

  • Vicky the Viking says:

    Dear Khaya,

    Upon reading your article, your words of wisdom have reached our
    cold and barren shores. Just like in the U.K. my people struggle with obesity and the resulting decline in health. Contrary to your assertions however, our culture regards obesity as a sign of great financial health and an even greater thermal wealth.
    Since warmth is the plight of us sun deprived Vikings. Our children must suffer, hungering for the sun’s warm embrace. More important than this however, is our impending doom through thermal starvation.

    Although our people have been surviving natures treacherous exploits since time immemorial. We Viking fear the next winter will do us in. Therefore we would like to make an appeal to your intellectual and material generosity. For our assured survival in this treacherous arctic climate, please do tell our leaders what to do while donating us some of your African heat. Save a freezing Viking, donate your radiator!!!


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