Xhosa internet abbreviations

January 30, 2013 § 3 Comments

Xhosa abbreviations:

this originally appeared on a note I wrote on Facebook in 2009. @sugeezy   took it upon herself to remind me of these abbreviations and I figured I should post them on these here parts. And do follow her if you so desire. She is exceedingly ungovernable though. You have been warned.

Recently someone asked me how you write LOL ngesiXhosa and I took it upon myself to create these abbreviations. Some are direct translations, others are not. (feel free to suggest others) Here goes:

LOL = HK (Hleka Kakhulu) or HKL (Hleka kakhulu laway)

LMAO = HIZZ (Hleka impundu Zam Zisuke)

OMG = OYWN (Oh Yehova Wezulu Nomhlaba)
OMG = OKW (Oh Kumkani wookumkani!)

WTF? = YLK (Yinto le kaka)

ROFL = ZJJP (Zi jika jike phantsi)

ASAP = Ngoku Ngoku

I have decided to add a few more

OOMF = OWZ (Omnye Wezithunzela Zam)

GTFOH = PKT (Phuma uphele kulom towno)


§ 3 Responses to Xhosa internet abbreviations

  • Richmond_S says:

    Hahahahaha! Shouldn’t ROTF be “zibhuqa bhuge phantsi” also there is GPY now which stands for “Giligidi Phantsi Yintsini”

  • Richmond_S says:

    *zibhuqa bhuqe

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Khaya I’m very grateful you created this site. I am from overseas and am trying to learn Xhosa, as it turns out none of the translation sites seem to actually have a decent word list ;(

    Great Work!

    Oh and a question what does this mean? (see below)

    >> Lol are you also one of those that have to hide how far long you are incase ndiyakuthakatha?

    >> lmao…. yhu, worse kaloku abantu bezalali zakho.

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