Quentin tarantino on superman

July 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

Earlier today I asked who the best Superhero is. Many had interesting responses. Then I got reminded of Bill’s monologue about Superman in Kill Bill Vol 2.

Bill: “Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears – the glasses, the business suit – that’s the costume. That’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent. He’s weak… he’s unsure of himself… he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race.”

For me, Superman is the best Superhero. He can fly, he doesn’t need any gadgets to make he stronger. He fast, strong, powerful, except that he wears underpants on top of his clothes.


§ One Response to Quentin tarantino on superman

  • Ayanda says:

    I find this challanging! It makes me think of us, humans as individuals. What do we portray to the world? What greatness are we hiding about ourselves so that we may be ‘normal’ fit in. Thing is superman knew what he was doing but if we are hiding our real great selves, are we doing it intentionally or are we afraid to be ‘great-different’ so we just blend in?

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