Hi Fatsos, I mean, Hi Cape Town.

November 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, well, well. Who would have thought that the Mother City would be the fattest city in South Africa? After all, you lot in Cape Town have all the outdoor activity thingamajigs you like to boast about. You constantly try to make us folk from Johannesburg feel inferior because we don’t have access to nature’s bounty as much as you do. You do things like walking up Lion’s Head, running along the beach front in Sea Point, surf, cycling in Tokai Forest and countless other outdoor activities. You are blessed with an orgy of nature’s goodness. And oh, how could I forget the gyms? And yet, you’re still remarkably fat.

I read Sunday’s City Press tackling a really huge story; South Africa’s fat problem under the huge headline, Has Democracy Made us Fat? The State of our Weight.

Here are some scary stats about how fat we’ve become as a nation. Just hold on, I’m coming to your fat stats Cape Town. According to the City Press, 61% of South Africans are overweight or obese. 70% of women over 35 are also overweight. 25% of teens and 17% of children under nine years of age are overweight. As people have access to a little more money and as fast food outlets are being built, these figures are bound increase (don’t excuse the pun).

And here is a stat that will shock the ladies; apparently 56% of you are overweight. They don’t say anything about guys. We’re basically becoming the America of Africa. Fat people everywhere. (Whispers, “I see fat people.”)

This is not good news. Not that there is anything wrong with being big, what is wrong is ill-health which results from being overweight.

What is really going to blow your hat off Cape Town are these stats which rank the fatness of South African cities. You rank fattest. Yes, apparently you are fatties. All the models in Camps Bay have created the illusion that you lot are skinny when you are not. Get rid of the models and you’ll see your true fatness.

Cape town has the highest incidence of overweight people in South Africa. The rankings according to City Press: Cape Town 72%, it is followed by Durban at 68% which is followed by the city with the most fast food joints in the country, Johannesburg with an overweight incidence of 59%. Durban is slacking of at a distant 52%.

Cape Town is a pretty well run city, unfortunately, it doesn’t run though. I didn’t have access to the detailed stats, but my guess would be that most of the obese would be found in the Cape Flats. Where you find the poor. Fat is not a exclusive to the wealthy.

I tweeted these stats yesterday, and gentleman by the Twitter name @Sentletse tweeted, “@HelenZille will say it’s a measure of poverty eradication RT @khayadlanga: Cape Town has the highest incidence of fat people with 72%”. Amusing it must be said.

It would be unfair to blame fast food outlets. In fact it is an easy out for the government to think about banning them, it is also an easy out for parents. The truth is we have become lazy. If you eat and work out, there won’t be such a huge problem. We need to regulate ourselves; we don’t need government banning fast food joints. If anything, the government should be enforcing physical education in schools and creating an environment for citizens without money to exercise outdoors freely without fear of being mugged or other such things.

A culture of physical activity needs to be encouraged. Unfortunately our governments and organisations are centred around ensuring that citizens revolve their lives around going to work, consuming products and then going home to vegetate in from of television sets.

Working out for me means taking my laptop outside and working. If this is what working out is like for you too, we’re still going to be a bit fatter.

§ 2 Responses to Hi Fatsos, I mean, Hi Cape Town.

  • MissBoni says:

    This hits home, a friend of mine asked me what i wanted for christmas.i said running shoes. Because im realy big, i wont be able to run in them just yet, but im going walk my fat ass till i can run in those shoes, i have changed the eating already! i have challenged myself, working towards a healthier me!

  • Lili says:

    Hi there u can relax Youssef and try to be more Nice so please just be Nice ok

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