The Sayings of Julius Malema

September 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

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§ 4 Responses to The Sayings of Julius Malema

  • South African says:

    He is going to loot his own home in sandton. What a moron.

  • Bob Wakfer says:

    You may not agree with his proposed methods or policies, but you can’t argue with his goals. We must have equality in this country or the Freedom Mandela spent his life to achieve is meaningless.

    See my argument at

    Bob Wakfer

  • South African says:

    Not a bad article. Agree that there should be policies that can help the huge number of poor people. But do not agree that black people should be advantaged above white people just because previous regime screwed up. How is it equal if you give a certain race economic advances without earning it. I was born close to the end of apartheid so unlike you I do not have ‘white guilt’. The current state institutions that are responsible for advancing impoverished black people are almost all corrupt. Julius malema is a hypocrite. He talks of “capitalist rats” he himself is a capitalist which has numerous illegal shares in illegitimate tenders. I will help improve this country and help those who need it, but will not sit back and have some Chris Hani wannabee brainwash the uneducated masses with his R250K watch. I am not sure if you are aware of white ‘townships’, because white people are a minority you will not drive past one on the highway. I assure you they are also there.

  • South African says:

    Equality is easy to achieve in Canada cause you have 700 000 ‘previously disadvantaged’.North America genocided all of the native inhabitants and the first black student was allowed into a white university 42 years ago. And the previously disadvantaged black people are also in a minority. I am telling you now if the most competent people in South Africa would govern South Africa( which is as fact being majority white.) We would be able to half poverty in the next 50 years. And have a more equal society. For each group of youth to go threw the broken system and fail matric, we increase the chance of fixing the problem by another 50 years( average generation). One of the most important things we have to improve is education, 70% SA schools not in order. If the current regime would see that if they use the the most competent person for the job they can fix it, currently top state positions and tender going to anyone looking keen and being BLACK. By the time people like julius realizes that the white people would also like to help build and improve SA, there will have been a to big polarization. (Hearing the youth leader who is supposed to represent the youth of SA-that includes me, Sing shoot the boer does not make me feel very part of this nation building project.)

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