Nelson Mandela Saying Mbeki is the best president South Africa has ever had

September 5, 2011 § 5 Comments

“I have said it so often, but want to repeat it here at what must certainly be the last time that parliament will bend its own rules to allow me to address it: no President or Prime Minister in the history of this country can claim to have done more for the people and the country than has been achieved by President Thabo Mbeki.

He is a modest man and I know he would prefer that I do not sing his personal praises, but his achievement as President and national leader is the embodiment of what our nation is capable of. Public acknowledgement of his achievements is to affirm ourselves as a nation, to assert the confidence with which we face our national future
and conduct ourselves on the international stage.

Thank you, Mister President, for leading us with such vision and dedication to your task.

— The full quote by Nelson Mandela during a joint sitting of parliament to mark 10 years of democracy in South Africa, Monday 10 May 2004, Cape Town.

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§ 5 Responses to Nelson Mandela Saying Mbeki is the best president South Africa has ever had

  • Phindani Mulaudzi says:

    Even up to date,Those who share a rather different opinion when it comes to his(T. Mbeki) wisdom. They certainly are but foolishly lying to their big ego. He certainly is the best Presidente Africa as 1 continent has ever had.

  • Odidi says:

    Reading Ronald Suresh Roberts’ FIT TO GOVERN and I believe more than ever that we lost our greatest asset when we let the ANC NEC n the Zuma Tsunami remove, disgracefully, President Thabo Mbeki.

  • Kennynk says:

    That was before he was hackled by Thabo Mbeki and Terror Lekota in the NEC meeting and then the truth dawned on the poor old man that things aren’t what they seem. Why dont you tell people that he also regretted that afterwards? When you relate a story dont tell half of it, tell the whole story or do not mention it at all and none will be the wiser.

  • Happy spani says:

    South Africa was real….realy lost the best president by alowing this zuma ntsunam to destroy our country. I mis his good leadership stly, to day our country(south Africa) its appeare in the map good economic countries, but this currently they care for the forgeting our South African citizens even Africa as a whole.

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