If God said ask me anything what would you ask him?

July 16, 2010 § 10 Comments

Yesterday I asked the people on the “Internets” what they would ask God is he said they could ask him anything. The questions were poignant, funny, moving and some just plain silly, all appreciated of course. The questions, responses/comments were interesting. Here is a list of these fascinating questions:

Paul Walsh: What KFC’s secret recipe is.

Trenton Ray: I would ask him why so many of his employees act in ways that turn people away from him instead of towards him.

Semakaleng Manyike: Why,why do we have to die?

Spijo Faya: 2be a better person

Gesh Conco: Did u have to be so hard on me?


Bathabile Dlula: when is my last day on earth dear Lord?

Odwa Dumisani Dandala i would just walk up to him and just stare at him and ask him. why? *i think that basically covers all the guestions that i want answers to* WHY?

Odwa Dumisani Dandala and then before he answers me i’d tell him. i’m just joking G, *give him a pound and be like, thanks for everything* and as i turn to walk away tell him to tell Adam that he sold us out on the whole Eve, snake and the apple thing we still paying for that now… it would be pointless for us to walk around with all the answers to life. we might aswel as be dead because what more would we live to learn? every experience we go through in life carries a lesson.

Trenton Ray Smile.. life is never easy but he never gives you more than you can bite off. Death scares me more than anything on this planet because what if there is nothing.. what if it’s just a big sleep.. everything we love and cherish gone forever.. so use this fear to live meaningfully each and every day. Khaya, this is going to be an insightful conversation and thank you for it.

Poetrical Voice wisdom and discernment

Busisiwe Kumkani ndingati celi ndoda ezandinika uthando lwayo.ndiboni izulu.

Brendah Nyakudya Why he gave black people such a strong self-destructive streak

Londy Ndaba whose my mr ryt….

Thulani Mbandezelo How come you dont have a 24hr hotline like Zuma

Akhiwe Sopazi was he responsible for my granys death or she was bewitchd?

Nolusindiso Nolo Sindy Jonas when is his second comin

Christal McFarlin… anything

Namhla Pasiwe Jst a peace of mind.

Waheeda Safi Why does he bring people into our lives makes up feel all these emotiöns and then takes them away.. And why make life so hard.

Somi Crème Nduna When are you and Jesus Christ coming,father?!

Malisebo Sebos Pitso y cudnt we jst b al black or ol white bcauz now adas think they r beta dan adas even tho de truth is we r al de same in ur eyes.

Lilith Jinn Is S/He going to give me a straight answer? Oops, that was my one question, wasn’t it? DOH!!!

Ncumisa Ngcaweni I would ask him to turn back time & cause Eve not to be deceived by the serpent or Adam to stand up to her & not allow her to disobey God’s instructions & not to disobey with her.

Regina Pautzke Me: Dear god, how long is 1 second in heaven?

God: 1 second in heaven is like 1000 years in your mortal world.

Me: How about 1 cent? How much is 1 cent worth in heaven?… See more

God: 1 cent in heaven is worth 1 million dollars on earth.

Me: Can you give me 1 cent from heaven?

God: Of course! … Wait a second …..

Zandile Anne Mboshane I’d ask him why he made the mind. body and spirit to work at different speeds?


Loyiso Maqabe enlargement of my territory…

Anton Böhmer what is the right pronounciation of isiXhosa?

Paul Walsh Amuzweni, I do apologise if I’m mistaken. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m wrong. Could you correct me please?

Sarah Judge who is god?

Yolande Jordaan Why did you make humans in the first place, if you new we would mess up? After all ain’t we responsible for most of the hardship in this world? We created pollution, weapons & bombs, racism, xenophobia, etc…. and yet we are not willing to take responsibility for our action, instead we rather blame one another.

And from Twitter

@Cynicalgrinch: God, you joker, why did you make creationists? Was there a quota of stupid you needed to fill?

@PearlyPoonkie: Do u think im worthy of ur love?

@ItsSinga: Why is the right thing always the most difficult thing to do..

@2mellow: Where to from here?

@swampcottage: “Who made you?”

@smanamana: Would you take me to heaven, pretty please?

@TigerThebe: Why did you make Julius Malema?

@herbalhorsepet: God’s question:what is the true Mbeki Zuma story?

@missltzama: y do u hate blk ppl?

@BrigidL: what He does in His spare time… He seems to be very busy!

@Busi31: can you also make me turn water into wine?

@omlopes: “What does You thinking when you made the platypus?”

@Jono_ejc: r u a black man or a white woman?!

@ThatoMoeng: how he made water

@wenanawe Ten commandements, free will. Not of your best ideas?

@SelinahSeipei: where the hell do you come from

@ThandyM: Am I doing alright in ur eyes so far? #AskingGod

@ItsSinga: Why is the right thing always the most difficult thing to do..

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