Nelson Mandelas address to the nation after Chris Hani’s assassination

April 4, 2010 § 8 Comments

I am by no means comparing Chris Hani to Eugene Terreblanche. They are not of the same cloth by any stretch of the imagination. The point I am making here is that we need a unifier, not someone who will be given to rhetoric.

Address To The Nation By ANC President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, On The Assassination Of Martin Thembisile (Chris) Hani

“Today, an unforgivable crime has been committed.

The calculated, cold-blooded murder of Chris Hani is not just a crime against a dearly beloved son of our soil. It is a crime against all the people of our country.

A man of passion, of unsurpassed courage has been cut down in the prime of his life.

Chris Hani is known to all of us, loved by millions, hated only by those who fear the truth.

We say to all South Africans, black and white, that day of truth will dawn.

Chris spent his life fighting for freedom, democracy and justice.

It was this passion for liberty that persuaded him, at an early age, to commit himself fully to the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party.

Chris Hani knew from personal experience the pain of deprivation and social inequality. An erudite scholar who could have chosen a less arduous path, he nonetheless selflessly chose the often thankless task of being a freedom fighter. He shared the trials and tribulations of three decades of exile. During that time he served the cause of the liberation movement with distinction, earning the respect and love of millions in our country.

His death demands that we pursue that cause with even greater determination.

We appeal to every religious service over this Easter Holiday to commemorate Chris Hani’s life and what he stood for.

Let Wednesday 14 April be a day on which, wherever we are, we hold memorial services in honour of one of the greatest freedom fighters this country has ever known.

We are a nation deeply wounded by callous, uncaring men who plot such heinous crimes with impunity.

The cries of our nation are heard from old men who bury their sons and daughters, wives who weep for their husbands, communities who endlessly bury young and old, infants and pregnant women.

This killing must stop.

Chris Hani championed the cause of peace, trudging to every corner Of South Africa calling for a spirit of tolerance among all our people.

We are a nation in mourning. Our pain and anger is real. Yet we must not permit ourselves to be provoked by those who seek to deny us the very freedom Chris Hani gave his life for.

Let us respond with dignity and in a disciplined fashion.

Let us observe April 14 in dignified memorial services and in accordance with the decisions of our leadership.

The date of Comrade Chris Hani’s funeral will be announced after full consultations with the family.

We shall lay to rest the mortal remains of Comrade Chris Hani in a manner befitting a hero of our people. No one will desecrate his memory by rash and irresponsible actions.

At this moment of unbounded grief for the whole country, our deepest sympathies go to Chris’s wife, Limpho, the children and the rest of the family.

The ANC dips it’s banner in salute to this outstanding son of Africa.”

§ 8 Responses to Nelson Mandelas address to the nation after Chris Hani’s assassination

  • nic says:

    Perhaps the worst part of this is that an outmoded philistine was fading softly into irrelevance where he belonged. Now he will galvanise a sad group of pointless revolutionaries with his ‘martyrdom’. His death is part of the wider scourge of crime and irresponsibility that is allowed to flourish in our country, but he may end up becoming the flash point for death and destruction he always wanted to be.

    • Kirsty says:

      Couldn’t agree more Nic – I’m furious that he was made into the martyr that he wanted to be – and in doing so, fulfilled his own prophecy, the greatest fear of the Boer – to be killed quite literally in his own bed, on his farm, by his own workers.

  • Kirsty says:

    I think it’s hard to compare Chris Hani to Terre’Blanche – as you point out. I was pleased, though, to see this morning that Zuma immediately released a statement condemning the murder, and offering condolences. In all honesty, I think the less this terrible murder is dragged through the press (in ANY form) the better – my fear is that it will be the spark that ignites the touch paper.
    I read of his murder with tears in my eyes – not because I have any affection for the man – but because a little bit of my hope for true reconciliation died with him. There WILL be hell to pay for this – and there is no unifier strong enough to change that.

  • Hans-Erik Iken says:

    I agree the nation needs a unifier, you are quite right sir. The question is now where to find this person. The address to the Nation from Mandela that you showed (thanks for that by the way, hadn’t seen it before) proves that it will be impossible (or near impossable) to find another statesman of that caliber. Especially in the current polarised political climate.

    Nic is also right that mr, Terre’Blanche was increasingly irrelevant in the national politics and has now become a martyr for his supporters and kindred spirits.

    President Zuma now has one chance and one only to show he can be a leader for all citizens of this country. I hope he takes it. And he can start by putting a muzzle on the ANCYL president. That guy is even messing with SA foreign policy with his antics in Zimbabwe…

    I refuse to believe that the majority of SA citizens are racist, no matter what their skin color is. The people are yearning for justice for all, unbiased and uncompromising. I guess the politicians and their followers have to learn to disagree without being disagreable with eachother. Maybe that is too much to hope for though.

    • mantombi says:

      maybe chris hani had some important information that would reveal the real beast who sold us black people to the boers in exchange for his freedom,who is now seen as a real hero all of a sudden.

  • Vonbrucken says:

    South Africa is going slowly but surely the Zimbabwe way, period…
    Julius Malema is learning farm reforms there anyway and as soon as he arrived he sang Kill the Boer …
    I highly recommend people to emigrate to Botswana or Reunion Island before it is too late !

    • Mandrake says:

      Vonbrucken, i think that is part and parcel of what is wrong with Africa. At the first sign of trouble everyone wants to abandon ship and idiots like Malema, Bhuti Manamela and Andre Visagie stay behind and butcher each other while innocents are left by the roadside with their belongings on their heads.

      Thats how Zimbabwe went down. I love this country to bits. I love Boere for their straight-forwardness, Cape Coloureds for their local dialect and confidence, Indians for their sly and sneaky ways (maybe the friends i have). I love Zulus cause they are loud, Sothos and Tswanas because they always manage to be romantics and keep promiscuity down to a bare minimum.

      Love this country too much to abandon ship. The problem is that our media continues to create panic and havoc left right and center. We sit in pubs and busses, as blacks and whites, and bitch on and on without really doing anything. We spend hours on platforms like IOL and TL whining and complaining about everything under the sun.

      Lets face it, most blacks and whites agree that Malema is an idiot. There’s no one willing to units us as masses to get rid of him. and he’s just one idiot we all agree on.

      So no thanks, i’m staying right here and adding my vote to where it matters. and updating as many of these blogs (including my own) to ensure that there’s an alternate voice to the kak we read in the media.

  • Daniel says:

    Heard two myths today from acquaintances: That ET was left naked and mutilated by the killers, and that he was killed on the same date as Chris Hani was assassinated. Neither of the two people passing on these myths would be inclined to check the facts. It becomes a legend, told from one person to another. The media constantly overestimates it’s own reach. We form our perspectives on hearsay. The majority of SAn’s may not be racists, as Hans-Erik says, but certainly the majority are not readers even if they can read. It is a very sobering reality with no sign of turning around – visit any school, rich or poor, we are a frighteningly misinformed and ill-educated country.

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