Window Seat, Shocking Erykah Badu music video

March 29, 2010 § 8 Comments

(Please read first then scroll down to the video. The video will make more sense that way.)

If you are a student of history you will recognize the voice at the beginning of the video. It is the voice of a radio newscaster from the day president Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. He introduces us to the video by telling us about the crowds in Dallas that day.

When I showed this video to a colleague she said a little annoyed to me, “Ok, Erykah, where is this going?” I told her to wait. Then as the video progresses she says, “No! No Erykha! No!” As if she can hear her.

This video was shot in Dallas, Texas, the same street president John F Kennedy was assassinated. In the video she starts to walk and removes her clothes including her bra and yes, her knickers. And then out of the blue we hear a gunshot and she collapses on the sidewalk. This is what she wrote on Twitter “”[S]hot guerilla style, no crew, one take, no closed set, no warning, two minutes, in downtown Dallas, then ran like hell… I was afraid. But I was ready.'”

The shot took about 2 minutes but the actual video is in slow mo and stretches on for the duration of the song, over 5 minutes.  Even before she starts taking her clothes off you sense some nervousness. You get the feeling that she’s saying to herself, “I’m scared to death but stuff it I’m doing it anyway.” They only had one shot at making the video. They had to make the most of it and it had to work.

@Questlove adds, “People were so stunned they forgot to break out camera phones.”

The video was directed by

I liked the video. I hope it turns out to be a viral sensation.

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