Redi Direko is competely wrong

February 19, 2010 § 5 Comments

I like Redi Direko and I respect her highly but boy is she wrong. In a column she penned today in the Sowetan she makes a number assertions about Facebook that are of course, in my arrogant opinion, completely ill-informed. I use the word ill-informed because she has been rather matter-of-fact about something she is not a part of – as if she understands it as someone who is in fact part of it. I’m not saying that one can’t have an informed opinion about a subject simply because one doesn’t participate in it. All I am saying is that a person who is in it is far more informed than an observer. If she had been on Facebook for a while and then decided to delete her profile, she would have arrived at a different conclusion than the one she has arrived at. There are nuances that an observer will miss because that’s all they do, observe.

Having said that, I prefer Twitter to Facebook even though I am on both platforms. What Redi fails to understand is that social media has in fact confounded those experts who believed that there would be less human interaction because of the explosion of social media. On the contrary, it has in fact increased it. I’m not talking about the obvious use of it as an information tool. It is used as a tool for the like-minded to meet up and for friends to gather. According to research people interact more with one another because of social media, not less.

I know more about my friends than I did, I am more connected to them than ever before. I meet with them on a much more frequent basis than before. If anything, this new tool strengthens and tests friendships.

Every time some new technology makes it’s way we get told by naysayers about the dangers of this new medium. When computers started making headway into the business world, paper manufactures worried that less paper would be used, meaning they’d make less money, the opposite happened -we use more paper. There were even suggestions that they would reduce working hours and therefore result in fewer workers, once again the opposite happened, we saw an increase in the number of workers, instead of cutting down number of workers, more workers were created because of the computer.

Technology has surprisingly connected us and made us more human, not less. #asyouwere

§ 5 Responses to Redi Direko is competely wrong

  • Felicity Mokoena says:

    Redi really needs an Fb account.Then she’ll understand that it actually creates the opposite of what she said in that article. #poorwoman!

  • Nick says:

    Spot on Khaya!
    I think the whole world is become far more sociable, and far more tolerant as well. The vast exposure to peoples interests, thoughts and feelings has really opened some minds.

    The habits I’ve picked up from Facebook and Twitter and the like have made me a far more approachable person, as well as more likely to approach people in the past I would never have.

    In RL we all judge books by their covers when it comes to people. Facebook has broken down many assumptions I had and increased the number of people I socialise with hugely!

    Facebook surpasses cultural and sub-cultural divides by showing us all we have more in common with each other than we’d ever thought before.

  • Chris Roper says:

    Couldn’t agree more, KD. And a pet hate of mine is people who pronounce on things, as if you only have one choice. You can have it all, man. That’s the beauty of Social Media.

  • Kirsty says:

    I do sometimes wonder if being on Facebook and being connected to people across the globe makes me less likely to FEEL like I ought to contact people directly, because it never feels like I’ve been out of touch, although contact has been minimal. Then again, there are countless friends I have on Facebook with whom I would most likely have just lost contact without that medium.

  • Vee says:

    i think u guys misd Redi’s point completly…
    The primary point Redi was tryin to make was that “Social Networks”-have reduced that personal “real” connection we used to have. Nowadays poeple are getting invited to parties via these networks and no longer that 1 minute phone call. Redi was js saying FB has reduced that personal touch we used to have and by the way if u havnt noticed-people post only the “gud stuff” on FB about themselves- sumtimes exagerate their status jst to get attention -n one can never b too sure of wat is really goin on with their friends lives but js take it from the pictures posted.
    Sumtimes even here at work-once it hits 5pm (thats FB time)-most people jst log on to FB and all of a sudden theres silence in the office coz evryone is jst typing away…do u call that being social-considering the environment one is typing from? people are more social on their pc’s than with people….and thats ol thanks to Facebook tweethearts…:-)

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