Sarah Palin’s resignation is all about the 2012 elections

July 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

I am convinced this is her bid to drum up her base ahead of the 2012 elections. Effectively she’ll have a 2-year head start before the primaries. Think about it, who are her possible challengers? Bobby Jindal is no match for her. My hair is more charismatic than that guy. Newt Ginrich is past his sell by date. There is that young congressman though, I forget his name is, maybe him. Oh yes, his name is Eric Cantor. I think that he might be her main challenger if he decides to run. But then again, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I also think that she wants to make sure that she can blame whatever failures there are on the new governor when she runs for the Republican Primaries and eventually the presidency. She will claim that she ran the state well when she was governor. She is taking a page off Obama’s book. He was senator for two years when he started running. Her resignation comes 2 years into her term.

I suspect that she will leave everyone in the dust. There is no doubt in my mind that she will raise a lot of money. More so than any of her challengers. Perhaps she will play the victim card. That might work for her. Think about it, it could be a narrative of a woman who was victimized by the press when she was running with John McCain. She was governor of a state that the negative press finally hounded her out of office.  These are my very foolish and brief thoughts on the Sarah Palin saga.

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§ One Response to Sarah Palin’s resignation is all about the 2012 elections

  • anahata56 says:

    Yah, but she’s a quitter.

    This is America–in her speech yesterday, she pretty much told the country that government is a game that she’d rather not play, so she’s picking up her ball and going home, like the spoiled brat that she is. She’s a gigantic whiny baby, and she’d be better off going home and making mooseburgers.

    America doesn’t like quitters–I doubt that after that speech yesterday, she’ll be able to get more than an eighth of even the Republican vote.

    What I think is that the RNC is sick of Michael Steele, and she’ll replace HIM as chairman. That way, she can preach to the choir all she likes, and never hear a dissenting word.

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