I promise, it’s his real name

April 28, 2009 § 6 Comments


I went to a restaurant some time last year. I saw one of the waiter’s name tags and I asked to take a pic of his name because I was afraid no one would believe me. So there.


§ 6 Responses to I promise, it’s his real name

  • nganga says:


  • Mliqi says:

    Wow that is so African! I mean we used to give our Kids Names that had meaning! So Moment please bra seize the Moment and be great!

  • kingsley says:

    Khaya can you translate your name to english then translate ‘moment’ to zulu xhosa suthu or whatever local languge you so wish , l bet you will realise there is nothing strange with that name.Most of your posts are witty but l guess you got carried away on this one.You are human and once in a while we get big headed when we get a big following ,on that one l think you got ‘www’ drunk.Keep up the good work though as l have found most of your postings interesting .There are simple things l see and question everyday but l cannot put them in clearly worded verbose humour like you do.Tah! Mjida keep them coming

  • kingsley says:

    Khaya am sorry to have rufffled your feathers the wrong way but in all honesty why ridicule someone for his name . Names are given to us , and l just pointed something out which you welcomed distastefully considering that you took out my response.l expressed my opinion on your site with the view that you were savvy to freedom of expression but alas l was mistaken. Much ado about that , my last request is for you to remove the man’s photo ,as l feel you have had enough fun on your exposse.lmagine if your photo were to be paraded on this platform to demean you you would feel the same, l believe you are a conscientous guy .l hope you understand.Moment is my brother.

  • ruvi says:

    a good name, nothing strange,if it is then yours translated to english equates to the same strangeness.l am aware that you do not take criticsm kindly ,thus on moderation you are gonna delete my message.

  • Dee says:

    hahahahahahahaha, “gpy”!
    This is by far the worst in random-ville.
    they had to name him at the spur of the moment

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