My friend the facebook novice

April 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

A friend of mine whom I happen to work with finally decided to join the real world – by registering on facebook a couple of months back. A number of us showed him the ropes around this new and wonderfully wonderful world.

This is the account:

One day he budges into my office, completely out of breath and foaming at the mouth. I am so startled that I spill coffee all over myself. Ok, not entirely true because I don’t drink coffee. The point is I would have had I been a coffee drinker. He can’t control his excitement at all. I tell him to take a moment to breath before he says what he has come to tell me. I even go to the water cooler to get him some water. He gulps the water and spills some of it all over himself. I realize that trying to calm him down is an exercise in futility.

He places his hands on my desk and leans over and opens his mouth, there is a hint of a smile. He bursts, “Facebook wants to know what I’m doing right now!” He tells me. Actually he doesn’t tell me, he shouts. He clearly thinks this is directed only at him. I try really hard not to laugh. But I do. Hard. And loud. A few months later I’m still laughing at the thought. And now a few years later, I still am laughing.

Remember when Facebook had that “What are you doing write now?” Instead of  “What’s on your mind?” It was back then.

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§ 3 Responses to My friend the facebook novice

  • Moses Zabalaza says:

    Well ‘Ted Stevens’ a republican senator from Alaska said that the ‘internets’ were a series of tubes….

    And our good friend George the ‘W’ says that he sometimes uses ‘the google’

  • nadia manjate says:

    Was having a really sucky day…u just made laugh and I can’t stop smiling!!!
    Internet can make u feel that special..even if u just RT something makes u feel special.

  • servatus12 says:

    *right* now not *write* – although it would make sense in a way

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