Zuma: Why people will still vote for the ANC

April 6, 2009 § 4 Comments

South Africans remind me of a girl with an abusive boyfriend. He beats (excuse my Xhosa) the shit out of her. Every now and then he tells her “I won’t beat you again, I love you”. They cuddle up and cosy up. Then he beats her up again. The girl knows the relationship is not ideal, it is not the best relationship but keeps making excuses for him and his behaviour. “But he loves me” she keeps telling her friends through broken teeth and ribs.

Then she says: “Anyway before I met him I was down and out and in the dumps. I had nothing. I was a nobody. He made me who I am. He took me in, helped me get a good job and a better education. He introduced me to celebrities, Moet, cigars and all the glitz and glamour. He cares for me even though he gave me a blue eye yesterday and will probably give me another tomorrow. To be fair I owe him.”

She believes in her heart of hearts that she cannot find anyone better. “I am used to him” she tells friends who tell her to get out of the relationship. “I don’t want to get used to someone new all over again.” Then she continues to stay in the abusive relationship where she used to be the significant other and is now the insignificant other. The many trips to the hospital do nothing to dissuade her. Like a perfect gentleman he goes to the hospital to pick her up when she leaves the hospital because he cares. She never lays charges. She is convinced that he still cares because he was sweet enough to pick her up from the hospital.

“He only beats me because he loves me” she tells her friends. Of course by the time she wakes up it’s too late. This is what’s happening to South Africa right now. But we can change this, we only need to want to change the situation bad enough.

How badly do you want to get out of this relationship with the ANC?

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§ 4 Responses to Zuma: Why people will still vote for the ANC

  • Ndumiso says:

    am voting ANC

  • Moses Zabalaza says:

    COPE supporters should not be too surprised at the support for Zuma – most of it is automatic support for the ANC of Mandela, Sisulu, Tambo, Mbeki (Yes our Mbeki), Luthuli, all the way to John Dube. It will be very difficult to peel away that generation for whom the ANC = Freedom

    The trick for COPE is to make sure that we lay a SOLID foundation for lasting party. The elections will prove to be an exciting moment for us because we will emerge as the only real credible alternative to the ANC. Soon all others must coalesce around us to survive.

    Zuma & his band of idiots are dithering, incompetent opportunist buffoons will start fighting amongst themselves the minute he is inaugurated. Mark my words very carefully because this will happen as surely as the sun rises from the east. They will tear at one another & there will be a number of political assassinations. They will tear shell house to the ground. Just watch.

    Our movement should be a ‘modern ANC’ rooted in the noble intergrity of the ANC of Old. An nobility that Mbeki tried to espise & uphold. Our mantra MUST be “Integrity, Accountability & Delivery” & we must mean it.The open corruption of Zuma’s ANC will provide us with many opportunities to make this point – and thus make our way into the hearts of everyday South Africans. We should uphold these 3 principles as central tenet of our doctrine in order to become a viable political movement rooted in the noble injunctions of the Freedom Charter.

    Going into the future, it is clear that the new generation of South Africans will respond more to those 3 principles & not old slogans and old struggle songs or pronouncements of an avancular patriach

    Remember these words, “..those who complete the course, will do so only because they do not, as fatigue sets in, convince themselves that the road ahead is still too long, the inclines too steep, the loneliness impossible to bear and the prize itself of doubtful value”

    Siyaya phambili

  • Amused says:

    Oh Moses. How presumptuous and utterly arrogant of you – you too Khaya.
    Guys, you can’t decide people’s priorities for them, nor can you call them ignorant for having different ones to yours. COPE should focus on COPE, NOT Obama, not the ANC – then maybe….just maybe you’ll get some votes. Imagine if Obama’s (whom you seem to put yourselves on par with) strategy was to bash the opposition instead of highlighting what change he’s about to make? Would you respect him then? You act like it’s the ANC’s fault they’re getting so many votes, maybe you should ask what you’re not doing right to win the support? Just a thought.

  • Moses Zabalaza says:

    Dear Amused,

    I agree with you on most of your points. COPE cannot decide the people’s priorities, nor should we begrudge the ANC’s popularity.

    You are correct too that COPE should not define itself by its distance from the ANC/Zuma nor it’s proximity to Democrats/Obama. In particular I am sensitive to the new expedient fashion of appropriating Obama in service of a particular political arguement (this was true for for Mandela as well). You make solid & valid points to that effect & I accept them.

    I have great respect for many post Mbeki ANC folks, from Ramaphosa, to Radebe, folks with impeccable records & noble intentions, no doubt.

    The disagreement is not reflexive personal one, nor is it because of a personal antipathy towards Zuma (or his m’shini). It is philosophical. It’s a disagreement on the role of government in people’s lives. It’s a disagreement on the temperament (not on style but of temperament) of our leadership . It’s a disagreement on how power should be managed & projected in post-apartheid South Africa.

    These are heady & exciting times indeed. The OLD struggle for political freedom is giving way to a new politics of prosperity & national character. The South Africa that ‘belongs to ALL who live in it’ is now here. It is as it should be that our time calls for a new political discourse(s) – South Africa has finally arrived at its golden age of politics.

    No-one has a monopoly on wisdom, nor do I have a direct to infinite wisdom. Politics is a human endeavor. As humans, we are innately imperfect, it stands to reason therefore that imperfection is a steady companion to all political endevours. All one can do is to ensure that one’s political actions/motives are based on goodwill & goo faith.

    Having said that, it’s true that politics is a contact sport. This is no more true than around elections when elections elbows get really sharp. And the jostling more frantic. But that is politics- after all the weapons of politics are ideas, actions & speech

    You will agree with me that this is clearly a pro-Cope blog. As such you cannot be too surprised that I use juxtaposition to effectively contrast & separate ourselves from the ANC. This is a natural rhetorical & political tool. What is a little curious to me (just a tincy wincy bit curious) is that clearly ANC partisan like yourself is spending time reading & commenting on a pro-Cope blog.

    Just a thought……


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