COPE: Andile Mazwai’s brilliant ANC analogy

March 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

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§ 3 Responses to COPE: Andile Mazwai’s brilliant ANC analogy

  • Micky says:


  • Ndumiso says:

    Mr. Mazwai sounding like a typical absentee, he speaks as though he just woke up today and found that there’s a election campaign and has been asleep for the past 35years of struggle for liberation and the new dawn of democracy in 1994.

    he recites his bus analogy like a stand up comedian yet he’s blindly trying to interfer with the chosen path to ease the burden of apartheid from the poor people of this country….

    clearly, Mazwai has been sleepin on a posturepaedic bed and has all the time in the world to conduct such stand-up comedy sessions whilst the poor are hussling for their lives!!!!

    Mazwai, on your analogy, please continue and mention that your prefered driver climbed off the first bus because the passengers thought he wasn’t good enough for the terrain ahead. Just beware: that you are praising a driver who got retrenched for the same reasons!!!!

  • Mongezi K. Stofile says:

    Andile’s analogy is so similar to one that I was taught by my father, he said political organisations are like trains. when you het to Park Stations, you go to then platform where there train is going to your destination. If you are going to the East Rand, you go to the appropriate platform to board. if your train driver suddenly decides in Gernmiston that the train is n ot going to Pretoria, you have every right to change and try and fight the right train going to then East Rand.

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