I think I’d be great friends with Julius Malema. Seriously.

March 12, 2009 § 7 Comments

And I mean it. I think he is a pretty pleasant and probably funny guy too. I can’t help but imagine exchanging slaps on the back and doubling back in laughter as we have chats about whatever it is that young men talk about. As much as I take issue with some of the things he has said and what he stands for politically, that does not mean that I wouldn’t or shouldn’t get along with him personally.

There is no doubt that some people might take issue with what I just said. Particularly those who see Malema as a fumbling idiot who does not know when to shut up. That would be understandable considering some of the things I have written about him. As people, we tend to have no separation between the public figure and the fact that he is also an average guy who likes to have a drink and talk about girls. Those of us who are not public figures all have friends we disagree with on almost everything – but we don’t stop being friends simply because we disagree. We need to be able to separate the personality from their politics.

I imagine some of my friends would give me odd looks if I told them that I went go-carting with Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma (not that I have, don’t start spreading rumours now).  “How could you hang out with them after all the things they have said?” Well, I would remind those people that in my friendship circles I have friends who are pastors and atheists, friends who are womanisers and friends who have had the same and only girlfriend for the past five years. In our dealings with the complexities of human engagement, we all have these contradictions in our friendship circles. Why then can we not have friends who hold differing political views without being enemies? But that does not mean we can’t be honest in our disagreements with them.

One’s political position does not define who they are; it defines what they stand for politically. We are not our politics. We are people before we have a political position.

Thabo Mbeki is probably not the easiest person in the world to get along with, but that does not mean that one should dislike his politics simply because one does not like him as a person. I imagine being a friend with him requires a lot of work, he must not see you as just a waste of his time if you are to be his friend. I also suspect that once he has brought you into his inner circle you would have great laughs, and probably an intellectually meaningful relationship.

We should not vote for people simply because we like them.  Nor should we not vote for them because we don’t like their personalities. Competence, character and ability seem to run a distant second when people vote, which is most unfortunate. How else can we justify the fact that most voters don’t trust Zuma but somehow he still garners more votes according to opinion polls? I understand that someone is going to comment and say that it’s not him, it’s because of the party.

Like I said, I’d have a drink with Julius, I’d tease him about his political views because I know he is set in his ways. I don’t see him changing them. He would probably tease me about mine too. Much hilarity would ensue I imagine. Naturally I’d have more to laugh about. I’d talk about showers and fake accents amongst other things. I don’t know, maybe I’m just idealistic.

There are many people I agree with on almost every issue yet I cannot stand. Just as there are people who agree with me but just cannot stand me. Understandably, if I were someone else I wouldn’t stand myself either.

Just to make things clear, I’m not ANCist or anything, some of my best friends are in the ANC. I think I’m beginning to sound like a Malema, Bush and Zuma apologist. Having said what I have, I am still voting COPE and I hope you all do.

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§ 7 Responses to I think I’d be great friends with Julius Malema. Seriously.

  • Okae says:

    Killer article! I fully agree. As we get closer to election day, I find myself finding more political differences between me and those I love…but hey, am not about to change my COPE-ism stance and no, am not about to love them any less because of their anti_COPE energy…and so we live on!

    Big ups!

  • nhlanzeko says:

    i think julius malema is still a geneus even though people say he fell o politics because he is not educated.Malema if i may say he is one of my inspiration he came at unizulu last week and talked sensitive hings and i admire hat big up malema, and i want to say ANC IS MY ANC,MY VISION, MY FUTURE,MY SASCO ,MY NEHAWU ,MY ANCYL,YOU ROCK.

  • pontsho says:

    julius just makes me laugh..he doesnt have to say a word.i was an anc supporter until julius malema became famous,he shows no respect, and im thinking where are we headed as a country if people like julius are given the centre stage,really i have important things to do than listen to “nothing”.

  • Chloe-Sullivan says:

    I think you and Julius may work….i hope you are still thinking about it…
    And please,tell him to take millitant action againts the hideous unflattering pictures that the media tends to run with when they are reporting on him. Yessus!!!!
    I am a fan of ANTM,so if anything,the picture must not piss me off as well….
    ………deeep breath…….:-)

  • chad says:

    Julius Malema has absolutely no idea what he is causing in South Africa. He is causing catastrophic damage to the lives and mindsets of all South Africans and as a 19 year old student I can clearly see that he is moving us back into the apartheid way of thinking. Many white citizens think that Malema is causing damage to their culture, ideologies and beliefs but he is actually causing 10 times more damage to his narrow-minded followers who can’t think for themselves. Malema needs Jesus, Allah or any other spiritual figure that exists. He is detrimental to all South Africans and to be honest I think he needs to be assassinated because he is misleading others and changing mindsets, just as Adolf Hitler. The irony is that Hitler allegedly killed himself and as Malema said “ I will never commit suicide, I’ll kill myself first” SO JULIUS PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOUR. Anyone who wants to invite me on facebook ( Chad Cupido ) .You migh love malema and im sorry but the fact of the matter is that he is causing too much controversy and as a young democracy we will not grow. Im an ANC, SASCO member and yes i might be a hypocrite but i want peace and malema wants war

  • LOLOL says:

    LOL — Where’s your mouth now. 11/4/2010.

  • ttt says:

    Julius malema must go,he has done a lot of divisions within our beloved organisation.

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