Should Mbeki publicly endorse Cope but remain an ANC member?

January 28, 2009 § 6 Comments

Imagine a scenario where former president Thabo Mbeki decides to announce his endorsement and intentions to vote for Cope but decides to remain a member of the ANC. I cannot imagine a situation that could rattle the feathers of some of the over inflated egos at Luthuli House more. Some of those egos are “too big, too wide, too strong, won’t fit they’re too much and they talk like this but they can’t even back it up.” “Quoting” Beyonce while discussing politics seems a tad out of place. Perhaps I should make a better analogy. Let me point to the most widely followed election in recent memory. The US elections.

(Just an aside here. I was commenting on someone’s status on Facebook about something they had said regarding the ANC. In my comment I quoted Dr Martin Luther King; someone then commented saying, “Trust Cope to quote Martin Luther King who, at the time, was speaking about equality during the 1960s. What relevance does Dr King have to our democracy,” as if there was something wrong with quoting people from other countries. I’m afraid if that person sees this blog post I will be taken to task for making references to America.)

Two weeks before the American general elections in 2008 a very well respected Republican sat before Tom Brokaw, the host of MSNBC’s much-respected Meet the Press TV programme. This particular Republican, according to opinion polls, had been the most respected American for years. In fact, had his wife not forbidden him from running in 2000, would most certainly have been the Republican nominee for president, meaning that he would have ended up president of the United States instead of George Walker (Dubya) Bush. He would have been America’s first black president.

This Republican gentleman and former National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, General Colin Luther Powell endorsed Barack Obama, a member of the Democratic Party, for the presidency of the United States. During his endorsement he mentioned that he was and still is a member of the Republican Party but felt that Obama would make a better president than his fellow party man, John McCain. Although he endorsed an individual, it was essentially an endorsement of the Democratic Party’s platform.

General Powell made that endorsement fully aware of the impact it might have on the fence sitters. Here was an established, highly respected man going out of his way to make known his intentions of voting for a member of a different party to that of his own. Although he allowed himself to be used to bring falsified evidence before the United Nations, which led to the invasion of Iraq, perhaps the endorsement was a way of correcting that error.

He was not hounded out of the Republican Party after his announcement. Of course they were not happy with the endorsement. It was his right to express his preferences. Some tried to spin it by saying he was only endorsing Obama because he is black. Maybe it is time our country matured enough to allow people to express their preferences without fear or favour.

Unfortunately I don’t see Luthuli House viewing Mbeki’s endorsement of Cope as his democratic right. He would most likely be called a traitor at first. Then names and a host of animals that can be found in a zoo. The endorsement would then be ridiculed. They would say that he wants to rule from the grave. They would accuse him of bitterness. They would say that people aren’t going to switch from the ANC and vote for Cope simply because Mbeki decided to do so. The funny thing is they would spend an awful lot of time telling us how insignificant the endorsement was. They would also appear on every SABC station telling us how it would not make a dent in the ANC’s support base, which would make you how wonder: is it really inconsequential? Fikile Mbalula would say that he was right all along; Mbeki was behind Cope all along. Then Julius would call for him to be disciplined or call for his expulsion.

I had the rare opportunity of seeing Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula at a wedding I too had the privilege of attending some time last year. While all the guests were having tea before the reception, they stood together and talked, like two lonely figures. No one really walked up to them, to talk to them. Then later at the reception the master of ceremonies made the following pronouncement, “I see Mr Malema is also here.” There was much laughter. Make of the laughter what you will. But I digress, as usual. Excuse the ADD.

Should senior members of the ANC who might be sympathetic to Cope publicly announce their intentions to vote for Cope even though they remain members of the ANC? Should they come out and say that they are doing so in order to strengthen democracy and not necessarily weaken the ANC? Will a stronger opposition not in fact strengthen them? Maybe not in terms of numbers, but in strengthening the democratic processes within the party?

Members of the ANC should have the freedom to endorse and to state their intentions of voting for Cope even though they are still senior members of the ANC without the fear of being suspended.

If the rumours are true that the ANC is busy denying – President Motlanthe’s intentions of refusing the position of deputy president should Zuma become president, then it is difficult not to view his discomfort of serving as deputy to Zuma as a vote of no confidence in his presidency.

If, in the next few weeks and months, people decide to go public and announce that they will vote Cope but will remain members of the ANC, then the ruling party should understand one thing — these people do not love the ANC any less. It’s just that they love their country more.

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§ 6 Responses to Should Mbeki publicly endorse Cope but remain an ANC member?

  • Enos Mtshali says:

    Since you have mentioned Barack Obama, let me use his example. Barack had (has) a grassroots based movement. The people actively campaigned to have him go to the white house. The youth of the US did that and coughed out their own money, many with limited resources. This is because they believed in him. Our political parties do not involve the people in governing. COPE is exhibiting the same tendencies, although you Khaya as a zealot you won’t admit it. Policies and leaders of COPE, how were these chosen. Are there no skeletons in Terror’s closet? Remember he was part of the dreaded ANC for a very long time. I fear that at an opportune time, they are going to come tumbling out. I believe we should engage all the citizens of this country and politicise them. A depoliticised population leaves the governing to the politicians, who are not renowned for their scruples.

  • Jabu Mnguni says:

    We Dlanga, kunjani baba.

    I am a Mbekite & unashamadly so. Even in this the hour of our political humiliation & desolation, I am a Mbekite through and through. Those who do not have a full understanding of the imperious leadership of the REAL ANC will not understand. The ANC of Luthuli & Dube is not the ANC of Zuma & Monthlante. The ANC of Mbeki is not the ANC of Mbete & Zuma.
    The imperious leadership of Mbeki resembled a pride of majestic lions: proud yet masterful stewards of our land. The ANC of Zuma, Phosa & Malema is nothing but a pack of Hyenas, Jackals & Vultures. All bickering & clamoring to partake of the our bright nation as though it were decaying carion. The majestic South Africa of 1994, is now reduced to crowd of cowering, confused & bullied citizenry.
    Which is why this moment call for a new movement, led by a new young generation of liberation fighters.
    For even as the lion is defeated by a pack of marouding sinister hyenas from time to time. It is true too that we must lick our wounds & come back stronger than before


  • Jeff M says:

    @Jabu Mnguni

    I bet you meant carrion? And , by the way , you can’t exactly talk of “decaying carrion” because he word carrion on it’s own means “the decaying meat of a dead animal” .Otherwise, an interesting point.I await to see Mbeki “outing” himself and openly endorse COPE.

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  • Hanlie says:

    @Jeff M
    You’re an arsehole

  • Hanlie says:

    sorry khaya don’t approve my previous comment, i guess i’m in a bad mood and easily irritated today.

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