Juluis Malema should shut the f*** up, maybe not.*

October 29, 2008 § 17 Comments

I am not one prone to the indiscriminate use of profanity. In fact, those who know me well will tell you that I rarely descend to this sort of level. But Julius’ ability to spew out the most outlandish statements has reduced my I.Q to levels I didn’t think possible. This is my excuse for the title of this blog. The problem with listening to some of the things that he says leaves one even stupider for having heard them. For that, he should not be forgiven. The things he says not only defy logic, but stupidity. He over compensates for his lack of intellectual curiosity with his bellicose statements, which he mistakes for coherence.

Once again, on 11 February 2009 Mr Malema did what he does best (perhaps the worst), he opened his mouth. He insulted the minister of education, Naledi Pandor, a member of his own political party, accusing her of having a fake accent. His statement could also be understood to mean that any black person who happens to have gone to a private school or a so-called Model C school all his life is using nothing but a fake accent. The only genuine accent apparently is the one he has.

Both the minister and the president of the ANCYL are eloquent individuals. However Malema is eloquent in buffoonery. As a supporter of COPE I hope and pray that he uses his substandard rhetorical abilities more frequently.

Last year he tried to insult COPE’s first deputy president, Mbhazima Shilowa, by calling him a security guard, recalling his humble beginnings. As though to say there is something wrong with being a security guard. To demonstrate his lack of foresight, he did not stop to think that his statement could be insulting to the very constituency his political party is meant to speak to. If I were a security guard why would I vote for a party that seemingly has no respect for my profession?

The sort of dangerous and frightening statements he is reported to have said on October 27, 2208 could lead this nation to genocide. To quote The Times on line, “Under Mbeki, the resources of the country were distributed to certain individuals and a certain tribe,” he said, alluding to Mbeki’s Xhosa heritage. “Not everyone benefited. But under [ANC president Jacob] Zuma we expect everyone to benefit.”

This sort of blanket statement said without an iota of evidence has the ability to incite the people of this nation into an unnecessary blood bath. Of all the things we have had the misfortune of hearing from Malema, this has to be the most dangerous, therefore it should be the most unacceptable. All senior members of the ANC should have condemned this incitement of tribalism in the strongest possible terms instead of closing ranks around him, which is their reflexive reaction.

If, as he so claimed, that only a certain tribe benefited when Thabo Mbeki was president, can he explain to us why the Eastern Cape is still the poorest province in the country? The richest black man in the country by his thinking should be from the Eastern Cape or the Western Cape for that matter. In fact, the wealthiest black people in this country should be from the Cape provinces.

If he is talking about the leadership within his party he should apply some logic, something he seems to be in short supply of. I shall help him along and give him a bit of a history lesson about his party.

Historically, the Eastern Cape is the ANC’s biggest province by membership, and has been for the longest time. (Of course COPE is changing the political landscape in leaps and bounds now.) Naturally, the vast majority of people elected into leadership positions would be from that part of the world by virtue of the Eastern Cape having the greatest number of the party’s supporters. Add the Western Cape to that number. For years, large sections of KwaZulu-Natal voted IFP. Thus the vote from that part of the world was split between the ANC and the IFP. The consequence of this is that the leadership has shown a slightly disproportionate Cape slant. One does not need to be a brain surgeon to make these deductions. In fact, one does not even need a matric.

No one has single-handedly driven young black intelligentsia from the ANC to COPE with greater ferocity than young Julius Malema. I don’t understand how and why he is allowed to carry on speaking (but as a COPE supporter I hope he is allowed to speak more often. He is our greatest election tool). The more Jacob Zuma, Matthew Phosa, Cyril Ramaphosa, Pallo Jordan and Gwede Mntashe allow him to speak, the more supporters COPE gets.

In October 2009, he was on Kaya FM. I was astonished by ANCYL president’s assertions that being a youth somehow earned him the right to be impetuous, belligerent and disrespectful. I must politely disagree (although I must admit I am tempted to disagree impolitely) with the man. Youth does not give one a free pass for foolhardiness, disrespect and impulsiveness just as maturity in years does not give one the automatic right to wisdom, level-headedness and patience.

The ANC has descended into anti intellectualism and ideological incoherence with the likes of Julius Malema. Every single young person in this country ought to be embarrassed by him. We should allow him to carry on speaking, and as young people we will speak at the ballots by voting COPE.

On behalf of COPE, I would strongly recommend that he continues to open his mouth.

*this was published last year but I deicided to updated it, thanks to Juluis’s latest outbusrst.

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§ 17 Responses to Juluis Malema should shut the f*** up, maybe not.*

  • nganga dlanga says:

    viva big brother viva!

  • rainhanzinga says:

    you so smart khayerrr.. i get upset by julius malema. but he is not someone we should take seriously. As young people we must do productive things instead of getting fired up by the waste of energy and space that is julius malema. (and he does not represent all youth and their thought. i refuse to believe that all young people love being represented by someone who is proud of the fact that he failed 2 grades..mnmmnxxm!)

  • Jackie says:

    Anti-intellectualism, as a movement, seems to be spreading around the world. I blame Sarah Palin!

  • Khaya, finally someone of standing speaks out the truth! Danke and carry on!

  • Manosa Nthunya says:

    Well written article Khaya.I indeed do agree with the sentiments you make,Julius has the potential to ruin South Africa’s best liberation movement, if he has not done so already! Lookinig at his matric results vindicated what I had always thought of the man.If the ANC does not remove him from his position, it stands to lose out big time,not when there is a strong opposition being created.

    Look foward to more articles from you!

  • Ndumiso says:

    I slightly disagree wit you Khaya. The ANC youth league has just entered a new epoch under very difficult circumstances within the ANC motherbody.

    We had, in the past, the likes of Gigaba, Mokaba who were as equally careless in their speech and the opportunities were still fertile for the youth to benefit, what did they say to benefit the youth….They got Cabinet positions.

    Malema founds himself in an ackward corner and things are not as fertile, I agree he could have used otherwise means, however, the force he exerts to gain leverage on behalf of the youth is applaudible, we just need to guide him so that the influence he’s trying to build for us, is properly channeled to benefit the youth. Peace

    • anon says:

      i totally disagree, you have to seriously question your last paragraph in which you say and i quote, “Malema founds himself in an ackward corner and things are not as fertile, I agree he could have used otherwise means, however, the force he exerts to gain leverage on behalf of the youth is applaudible, we just need to guide him so that the influence he’s trying to build for us, is properly channeled to benefit the youth. Peace” you have to really contemplate that last line where you say he needs to be guided by us, um………not to sound….well how should i say it….not a blind propergated brainwashed youth…….but if the people of south africa have to “guide” an arogant, way unintellagent thing as malema, then how can he be a leader? how can you guide a leader who suppose to be guiding south africa……maybe you should re wash your brain and get someone better to do the job

  • Stash says:

    My partner has always said to me, Malema has the clogged look of a half-wit. Whenever he opens his mouth he spews sh*t and the silent permission as you call it – that he gets from the ANC makes it even scarier. Remember ‘kill for Zuma’ and ‘we will crush you’. Poor idiot is being used to convey the true feelings of the whiteheads occupying the higher echelons of the ANC. tsk tsk

  • nwabisa says:

    We are so tired of Julius this and Julius that.the is not one good or positive brain cell, in that boy. maybe they did drop him on his head when he was young after all.

  • thapelo says:

    Perhaps Julius Malema is highly placed “mole” working for COPE within the ANC. For that let’s just appreiate his work. Remember he once said ” ANC leaders must stop running to townships with their flushy cars coz people will say ( read realise that some are corrupt as they are not even working) they are corrupt? that to me in acceptance on the ANCYL that their motherbody is full of corrupt leaders and for that we should punish them on the ballot.

  • […] COPE can’t have expected to enter the national consciousness on its own two feet. With such little time on its hands, the fledgling party’s campaigning strategy can do little more than brandish an opposition flag and count on novelty appeal. Naturally, hinging its identity on the ANC is what it will take to carve out a piece of South Africa’s political pie. As such, COPE is raking in educated voters who are alienated by what Dlanga describes as Malema’s aptitude for eloquent buffoonery. […]

  • david says:

    comrades, I believe now is the time that we speak against a harm which is done to our party by malema. our intention is to serve majority of south africa, but malema is chasing them obliviously.
    Something should be done before is too late. I love anc. viva anc viva.

  • Siphetho says:

    I fail to understand why young people would want him to be our leader with such a lack of wisedom and respect. NX!

    • anon says:

      true dat dog tru dat, now go spread those educated seeds to some dumb ass blacks that run, rule, and live majoritively in our country

  • amweld says:

    juluis what a doos

  • Unknown says:

    Juluis Malema should be told to shut up if nothing senseable is in his head. Someone somewhere in the ANC should pump sense in this youngman before ANC loses popularity. He is a real tool for compaign for COPE indeed as one of the bloggers has alluded to.

  • Donovan says:

    Dear friends

    I am glad to hear there is still young people in this country whom are willing to fight the struggle and not the people. I hope one day we all can stand and say UBUNTU we have reached a goal of prosperaty for all. I think RSA can no longer be pulled down by the thuggs in goverment and it is only us who will be ableto remove them from power. this country need educated leaders, with pride, dignaty and honnor. As a whitty i have seen the pride in our brothers what they take in theyr cultural activities. where are our Voyo’s of this country, it is time to rise up and kick out this crimanals and take your plase as a leader.

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