Government fatcat falls off chair! LMAO

October 21, 2008 § 8 Comments

Please nice and kind people, do check out the rest of my blog.

Hate it. Love it.

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§ 8 Responses to Government fatcat falls off chair! LMAO

  • Laura says:

    Oh no. The poor dude.

    But *too* funny. That expression as he clings to the table.

    I would have *loved* to see the next 30 seconds – did he crawl away in shame? Stand up, dust himself of, and get another chair? Did he carry on the interview? 😀

  • […] irony is that when Nhlanhla Nene was getting ready for this interview, he probably chose this suit because he was feeling self-conscious and was hoping the slimming […]

  • adrenalin says:

    bliksem, this is what i look like when i do skydiving. it is the most horrendous feeling, giving your life to nothing and knowing you’re going down.

  • See Nene (the man being interviewed) response to the incident here:

  • simon says:

    Hahahaha! That is classic! Love it!

  • henry smith says:

    I know nothing of South African politics, or of its players, but this clip (no offence to the gentleman in question) is both hilarious and cathartic. How many American politicians richly deserve to be in that chair!A real Three Stooges moment.

  • Tado says:

    At first a friend mentioned it and I remember wondering aloud if that scene had not been programmed as part of a fund-raising strategy. Anyway, having seen the clip from youtube, I think the gentleman should have stopped to check what was the matter when the first cracking sound report was heard..

  • Chloe-Sullivan says:

    I was busy studying when all this went down,so i only heard on radio. But about two weeks back i came across the video somewhere….i still can’t stop laughing.
    I have many questions, but its way too late now…..its all good.

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